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The power of empowering questions

My son comes home from school and I ask: "So, how was your day?"

"Pretty boring, as usual", he answers and sighs.

A little later, we are having diner and in the background there's a program on TV about rich people, how they got rich and how they live today. One of the protagonists is around 40 and very wealthy. I look at my son and say: "You'll be millionaire by what,... your 20th birthday?"

He looks up, laughs and answers: "Yep dad, I will."

I ask him: "And what have you done today that wil bring you closer to being a millionaire?" He looks left up in the sky and says: "Well, I have gathered experience." As he continues his transderivational search for answers, he continues: "Actually, we touched a few interesting topics in the course on Economy today and yesterday". He shares the details and continues: "And also in today's English class we discussed some really interesting topics."

"Now that I think of it", he closes, "it has been a pretty interesting day at school today."

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